Protect Doors and Elevators
with Mat-a-Doors®

Mat-A-Doors® is an exclusive of Office Moving Systems, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of highly specialized office moving products and equipment since 1987. It was invented by Ed Katz to protect building surfaces during moving.

How to use The Mat-a-Door® Elevator Pads




JUNE 19, 2015
4 Steps to a Successful Office Move
Does it seem like the moving industry is getting worse? Does it appear that the quality of office moving service has slipped? It may not be your imagination. What you’ve heard about moves not finishing on-time for the price quoted; damage to furniture and computers and the destruction of office space seems to be occurring more now than ever before…
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MARCH 13, 2012
Movers Reduce Damage Claims and Book More Business with The Mat-A-Door®
Want more business? Offer your customers a little extra peace of mind. The Mat-A-Door® provides superior doorway protection…
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FEBRUARY 27, 2012
Three Simple Steps Minimize Building Damage Risk
Even in a slow economy, consolidation, mergers and reorganization force companies to move in order to succeed, survive, and remain…
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“Just wanted to let you know how well everything went using your elevator pads! As you might remember, we knew we were going to have to close down our freight elevator for 10 days and put all of our contractors and small moves through our front passenger elevators. The Board had put off this needed repair for years due to a lot of fear of what this might do to our passenger elevators. No worries! We installed our mats and not a scratch in 10 days. They worked perfectly! We’ve also used them in unexpected ways during moves and in our hallways. I really want to thank you again for the great service and for making what we thought was going to be an awful experience turn into something easy. Don’t ever hesitate to use me as a reference though your product certainly speaks for itself!”
– Paige Perkins, Association Manager, The Concorde, Atlanta, GA, July 2015

“You really outdid yourself this time–shippers and building managers love your Mat-A-Doors… I could go on and on about the success we’ve had with the Mat-A-Doors… the attorneys at a large law firm… couldn’t get over how we protected their $18,000 entrance doors …”
– Doug Hibbard, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, Phoenix, AZ

“We use our Mat-A-Doors® on our low-rise building. Our swing elevators are highly susceptible to damage and these portable pads are simple, fast, easy to set up, and work well for us. In the past, before we used the device, we were repairing our elevators on a regular basis.”
-Jim Maher, executive vice president of Colonial Properties Trust