How to attach Mat-A-Doors®

Assembly of Mat-A-Doors® – Duration: 5.12 Minutes

Each two-panel set of Mat-A-Doors® elevator pads come with 12 suctions cups, six for each panel.

Before you use your Mat-A-Doors® elevator pads the first time, attach the supplied suction cups.

“ . . . our most dramatic success is in using the Mat-A-Door . . . Our customers are extremely impressed with our “cutting edge” approach . . . We imprinted the pads with our company logo, and amazingly, the cost of doing that paid for it the very first time we used the Mat-A-Door, because it attracted the eye of another building tenant and he signed with us to move his business. A truly unexpected benefit of using the Mat-A-Door is the positive reaction from our employees. Our crews demonstrate a visible sense of pride and purpose on the job because they know they are operating at a level clearly superior to that of the competition. Thank you for allowing Jack Treier Moving and Storage to be a active participant in your vision for improving the way we do our business . . .”

Paul Treier
Jack Treier, Inc.
Moving & Storage