About Ed Katz

If you could pick someone to teach you how to have a successful office move, it’s a good bet the name Ed Katz, president of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), Madison, Mississippi, would be at the top of your list. His innovations and techniques have brought him international recognition and the unofficial title of guru of office moving. His “moving story” has been featured in The Wall Street Journal. With his book, Move Your Business Without Becoming A Moving Target, Katz added a third book to his list of accomplishments. The book is based upon his first book, Commercial Relocation, that won the “Award of Excellence—Distinguished Author for 1999” by the International Facility Managers Association (IFMA). You can learn more about Katz by visiting www.officemoves.com.

Hold contractors accountable with deposit

Property managers are resorting to creative ways of protecting their buildings and their bank accounts from trash and damage left behind by contractors. At least one property management company has begun requiring a damage and clean-up deposit from contractors prior to the start of work. Tightening budgets have prompted what just might be a new trend, which is based on the theory that if it costs them money up front, movers and other outside contractors will be more inclined to leave buildings in a clean and damage-free condition. If your management company is interested in instituting such a policy, the following language will help you get started: A deposit in the amount of $250.00 must be delivered to our management office seven days prior to the day on which the contractor plans to begin work at (your property name). This amount may be in the form of a check issued to (your property name). Upon [...]

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Movers join building security team

Why hire an IOMI® Homeland Security-trained office mover? Chicago's Midwest Moving & Storage General Manager Tom Pera explains. Elevator panel protection during office moves Chicago's Midwest Moving & Storage trains employees to protect office buildings with Homeland Security for Office Moves, online training from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). Moving companies nationwide are partnering with building managers to minimize terrorist and criminal threats during office moves. Homeland Security for Office Moves is a new 23-minute video with a final exam designed to train moving company employees to help reduce office building vulnerabilities. “Office movers have a special responsibility to safeguard the buildings they work in and assist building security by knowing how to recognize when something isn’t right,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which developed the training. Movers and other contractors use trucks and so do terrorists and criminals, who are a more common threat to office [...]

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Building damage can wreck an office move

Moving is disruptive enough without damage to building surfaces left behind by your tenant's mover. Accidental damage, a marred appearance, and repair costs can be avoided by recommending a moving company trained in best-practice methods for protecting your building. “Ask tenants to ask movers on their bid list how they plan to protect floors, walls, doors, door jambs, and elevators. It will help differentiate potential service providers while making tenants aware of the problems building managers often face after a move,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which has developed techniques to minimize the risk of damage to buildings and trains moving companies in these best practices. According to Katz, IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and IOMI® Certified Project Managers® learn techniques in extensive building protection, and suggests that companies planning a move pay particular attention to how potential movers plan to protect vulnerable areas on move day. Floors along the [...]

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Facility Protection

Graebel Van Lines was first to offer standard building protection nationwide. Click here for more about Graebel Commercial Workplace Services. “Asking movers on your bid list how they plan to protect floors, walls, doors, door jambs, and elevators will help differentiate potential service providers,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which has developed techniques to minimize the risk of damage to buildings and trains moving companies in these best practices. According to Katz, IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and IOMI® Certified Project Managers® learn techniques in extensive building protection, and suggests that companies planning a move pay particular attention to how potential movers plan to protect your building’s most vulnerable areas on move day. Ask about the route items in transit will travel. Material for floors should guard against stains and torn carpet caused by wheels on moving equipment. To prevent accidental gouges, main hallway walls need to be covered with [...]

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Have you ever taken pictures of your moves? What if you had pictures that could tell you in an instant why you were having damage claims? If you knew the cause of the claims, you’d have a good chance of preventing them. Back in our early days at Peachtree Movers, damage claims got so out of control that I once (jokingly) told a friend that our official slogan should be, “We’ll break your furniture for you very carefully.” But it was no joke; claim expenses were exceeding move revenues. At times I thought that we were in business solely to support the furniture repair companies in Atlanta. Even our limited liability of $.60 per pound per article didn’t prevent us from losing money. Something had to be done and preaching to our movers about being more careful accomplished nothing. The only feedback that I got from my supervisors was finger pointing such as, “You keep [...]

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Picking Up The Pieces: Mining for New Business in Competitor’s Wake

While movers are always trying to find ways to cut costs, this might be a good time to hire a telemarketer to jump-start your office moving marketing strategy. Why hire a telemarketer? Instead of waiting for the economy or the market to turn around, redirect your resources toward growing office-moving services and mining for prospects. Jump-start your office moving marketing strategy by assuming that every large company in your market is always moving. When not growing and expanding, Fortune 500 companies shrink and consolidate and are, therefore, constantly in need of office moving services. Before laying off staff in all departments, remember you must find out who is moving before you can offer them your service. Next you will discover they already have a mover they frequently call on. Why would a company with an existing relationship with an office mover dump your competitor to hire you? Don’t believe the old cigarette commercial that boasted, [...]

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Movers Reduce Damage Claims and Book More Business with The Mat-A-Door®

Want more business? Offer your customers a little extra peace of mind. The Mat-A-Door® provides superior doorway protection, which also safeguards furniture passing through, too. Look to Office Moving Systems, Inc. for innovative products for the moving industry. This one doubles as a marketing tool. 1. Show Them You Care. Homeowners love how The Mat-A-Door® protects both their front door and their furniture. Building mangers love how The Mat-A-Door® door pads and mats eliminates costly repairs to expensive glass entry doors and elevator door jambs and adjacent surfaces. The Mat-A-Door® wraps securely around entrance doors with adjustable adjustable straps to shield out-facing door frame edges and glass or wooden panels. Fits single and double doors. 2. Differentiate Yourself In The Marketplace. Earn referrals from managers of office buildings, condos, and high-rise apartment buildings. The Mat-A-Door® protects damage-prone lobby-side door jambs and adjacent walls the way elevator pads shield inside walls. Light weight and compact to [...]

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Three simple steps minimize the risk of building damage

Even in a slow economy, consolidation, mergers and reorganization force companies to move in order to succeed, survive, and remain competitive. These three simple steps will minimize the risk of damage to your office building. 1. Ask about carpet and floor protection Contact the tenant’s mover and ask how they plan to protect your carpets. If they use a clear vinyl carpet mask, warn the mover if carpets will be steam cleaned shortly before the move. Using the vinyl mask (with brand names Carpet Shield, Vistick, Pathrite, PRO TECT®, and Carpet Cover) on moist carpet can leave a sticky residue that’s very difficult to clean. In some cases the carpet is ruined and must be replaced. Most vinyl mask manufacturers warn against using their product on moist carpet and often deny any loss or claim arising from such use. Applying vinyl carpet protection. If the mover uses Masonite®, require that he vacuum up [...]

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Convert Passenger Elevator For Freight Duty

When freight elevators take on hauling construction debris, breakdowns threaten schedules. You need a temporary substitute pronto. How do you protect plush cab interiors when passenger elevators are pressed into heavy-duty service? One solution is to build a plywood shield. Such devices provide adequate protection but take a while to set up and tear down, take up a lot of storage space in between uses, and must be custom made. A better solution is The Mat-A-Door® elevator pads. A building engineer can quickly attach the supplied suction cups to cab walls and arrange the pliable panels to provide coverage as needed. Extra Protection - Since Mat-A-Doors® elevator pads repel blunt force, several property managers line the cab of their elevators with a set of Mat-A-Doors® before installing standard cab pads. With quilted elevator pads and Mat-A-Doors® both on duty, cab interiors get an extra degree of protection [...]

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Mat-A-Doors® eliminate swing elevator repairs for Colonial Property Trust’s low-rise building

Have you noticed the quality of office moving services has gotten worse in the past year? You’ve probably experienced this firsthand when moves didn’t finish on-time and your office buildings  and elevators were damaged. Why are so many office relocations becoming a nightmare? The main culprit is the sub-prime mortgage crisis and its subsequent negative effect on home sales that’s forcing many movers to diversify into office moving so they can stay afloat and survive. Unfortunately, many of these neophytes have no formal training in a business that’s totally different from their residential moves. The estimating formula that works so well on their household moves fails when used on a commercial job. The result? Jobs take much longer than anticipated, workers become tired and thus more prone to accidents, which causes damage to furniture and real property. Door and elevator padding and mats can prevent damage during moves.  “To make matters worse, residential movers typically [...]

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