Three simple steps minimize the risk of building damage

Even in a slow economy, consolidation, mergers and reorganization force companies to move in order to succeed, survive, and remain competitive. These three simple steps will minimize the risk of damage to your office building. 1. Ask about carpet and floor protection Contact the tenant’s mover and ask how they plan to protect your carpets. If they use a clear vinyl carpet mask, warn the mover if carpets will be steam cleaned shortly before the move. Using the vinyl mask (with brand names Carpet Shield, Vistick, Pathrite, PRO TECT®, and Carpet Cover) on moist carpet can leave a sticky residue that’s very difficult to clean. In some cases the carpet is ruined and must be replaced. Most vinyl mask manufacturers warn against using their product on moist carpet and often deny any loss or claim arising from such use. Applying vinyl carpet protection. If the mover uses Masonite®, require that he vacuum up [...]

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Convert Passenger Elevator For Freight Duty

When freight elevators take on hauling construction debris, breakdowns threaten schedules. You need a temporary substitute pronto. How do you protect plush cab interiors when passenger elevators are pressed into heavy-duty service? One solution is to build a plywood shield. Such devices provide adequate protection but take a while to set up and tear down, take up a lot of storage space in between uses, and must be custom made. A better solution is The Mat-A-Door® elevator pads. A building engineer can quickly attach the supplied suction cups to cab walls and arrange the pliable panels to provide coverage as needed. Extra Protection - Since Mat-A-Doors® elevator pads repel blunt force, several property managers line the cab of their elevators with a set of Mat-A-Doors® before installing standard cab pads. With quilted elevator pads and Mat-A-Doors® both on duty, cab interiors get an extra degree of protection [...]

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Mat-A-Doors® eliminate swing elevator repairs for Colonial Property Trust’s low-rise building

Have you noticed the quality of office moving services has gotten worse in the past year? You’ve probably experienced this firsthand when moves didn’t finish on-time and your office buildings  and elevators were damaged. Why are so many office relocations becoming a nightmare? The main culprit is the sub-prime mortgage crisis and its subsequent negative effect on home sales that’s forcing many movers to diversify into office moving so they can stay afloat and survive. Unfortunately, many of these neophytes have no formal training in a business that’s totally different from their residential moves. The estimating formula that works so well on their household moves fails when used on a commercial job. The result? Jobs take much longer than anticipated, workers become tired and thus more prone to accidents, which causes damage to furniture and real property. Door and elevator padding and mats can prevent damage during moves.  “To make matters worse, residential movers typically [...]

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Helping managers protect their properties

Kansas City, MO/Feb 10, 2005 - Ed Katz, left, of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) brings out the big guns to help building managers protect their properties. Katz warned that trouble in the moving industry may result in building damage as movers scramble to make up revenue shortfalls in interstate household business by going after local office moves. According to Katz, building managers armed with the right ammunition can mount a proper defense against potential building damage. The founder and former owner of Peachtree Movers in Atlanta offered solutions such as hiring or recommending that their tenants hire a certified moving company specifically trained in extensive building protection to guard against potential repair hassles. Katz began advocating building protection after facing opposition from property managers while running his moving company. Katz addressed more than 100 members of the Kansas City chapter of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) at their monthly luncheon. As [...]

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Finance and Spotlights Suddath and IOMI®

What’s the best way to find a reliable office moving company? How do you know you’re hiring the best? Finance & posed those questions and more to Mike Nash, president and general manager of Suddath Relocation Systems of Eden Prairie, Minn., and to Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) in Mississippi. In a May 24, 2016, online article entitled “Handling office relocations with care,” Nash and Katz offered the following tips just to get started: If your company is buying new furniture and changing its office configuration, start planning 12-18 months in advance. Ask building managers at both ends of your move to recommend moving companies. Solicit bids from at least three companies. Instead of asking for references, request contact information for the last five office moves the company performed. See all their recommendations, including tips on estimates, pricing, equipment protection and movement, crew supervision and more. Mat-a-Doors offers great [...]

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Buildings vulnerable during moves, DC metro area CBRE managers told

JUNE 12, 2008 -- CBRE property managers learned just how easy it is to enter buildings through a dock, loading area, or open door during an office move. According to homeland security expert Craig Millsap, once inside, a perpetrator can steal, vandalize, or plant bombs. Millsap spoke at CBRE's monthly property managers' meeting for the Washington, D.C. area held at The Concourse Building in Vienna, VA. Also on the program was Ed Katz, president of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), whose best practice methods used by IOMI® Certified Office Movers® address common problems such as damage that often occurs during an office move to doors, walls, elevators, and floors. Millsap, a master certified emergency manager and disaster coordinator between local, state and federal agencies for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, also goes by chief. As head of the Bartow County Georgia Fire & Rescue, Chief Millsap oversees more than 130 employees and volunteers staffing 13 [...]

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Building managers, our new best friend

When I started my moving company in 1976, I learned early on that recommendations to tenants by building managers produced the best referrals, and a building manager was not likely to recommend a mover that damaged office building surfaces. I saw that most movers had a poor relationship with these people and some were even banned from doing moves in their buildings. I found that regardless of whether they recommended or badmouthed a mover, it was a fact; tenants respected and listened to their advice. Therefore, it was no accident that building managers recommended my moving company. As part of our marketing program, we made a concerted effort to minimize the trauma and disruption in their buildings during a move. We required our movers to be polite and quiet, forbad them to smoke, and made sure that they didn’t trash the bathrooms or use the buildings’ dumpsters for our discarded boxes and packing materials. Perhaps [...]

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4 Steps to a Successful Office Move

Does it seem like the moving industry is getting worse? Does it appear that the quality of office moving service has slipped? It may not be your imagination. What you’ve heard about moves not finishing on-time for the price quoted; damage to furniture and computers and the destruction of office space seems to be occurring more now than ever before. What can end users and property managers do to “fix the problem?” Understanding the cause of the problem can help you prevent it. The sub-prime mortgage crisis and its subsequent negative effect on home sales forced many movers to offer office-moving services to stay afloat. According to industry experts, both residential and military moving revenue plummeted during the last recession.  Many movers jumped into the office moving arena with no training in order to survive the downturn. “Companies hiring movers and office building managers need to know that the trend points to the potential for [...]

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