Growth, consolidation and reorganization force companies to move in order to succeed, survive, and remain competitive. When their moves damage the office building, the results can be disastrous. Elevator lobby-side entrances and main building entrance doors can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Not only is it costly, but it can take weeks to order and install new glass doors and repair or replace elevator frames and lobby-side walls. The Building What can property managers do to minimize the inherent risk of office relocation? At “ground zero” property managers can arm their buildings against major damage. Two products can reduce the risk of building entry/exit wounds. The first new product solves a problem property managers have faced for years: how to protect the outer doorjambs and lobby-side walls of office-building elevators. The Mat-A-Door® consists of two vinyl-covered, high-density foam panels that protect the outer frame and adjacent walls of passenger elevators when temporarily used for [...]

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Movers Reduce Damage Claims and Book More Business with The Mat-A-Door®

Want more business? Offer your customers a little extra peace of mind. The Mat-A-Door® provides superior doorway protection, which also safeguards furniture passing through, too. Look to Office Moving Systems, Inc. for innovative products for the moving industry. This one doubles as a marketing tool. 1. Show Them You Care. Homeowners love how The Mat-A-Door® protects both their front door and their furniture. Building mangers love how The Mat-A-Door® door pads and mats eliminates costly repairs to expensive glass entry doors and elevator door jambs and adjacent surfaces. The Mat-A-Door® wraps securely around entrance doors with adjustable adjustable straps to shield out-facing door frame edges and glass or wooden panels. Fits single and double doors. 2. Differentiate Yourself In The Marketplace. Earn referrals from managers of office buildings, condos, and high-rise apartment buildings. The Mat-A-Door® protects damage-prone lobby-side door jambs and adjacent walls the way elevator pads shield inside walls. Light weight and compact to [...]

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