How to attach Mat-A-Doors®

Assembly to doors – Duration: 35 Seconds


Uh oh.

Repairs to this broken main entrance door are costly, will take several weeks, and guarantees that your moving company won’t be a welcomed sight in the building any time soon. Mat-A-Doors® lowers your risk of this type of building damage.

Protects Wooden Tenant Doors – Offices & Conference Rooms

The Mat-A-Door® wraps securely around office doors and glass entry doors with built-in, adjustable straps to shield out-facing door frame edges and glass-panel inserts. Especially handy for preventing scratches and gouges on wooden doors.

Protects Glass Entry Doors – Interior Suites & Building Entrances

bOffice Doors – With seven service areas throughout the UK, BMG uses The Mat-A-Door® on office entryways to protect doors and jambs. Here, The Mat-A-Door® also provides extra protection against accidental damage to a glass wall.

bBuilding Entrances – BMG ensures its customers maximum protection for double-door entrances with The Mat-A-Door®. Secured to each door with built-in adjustable straps, The Mat-A-Door® panels protect door surfaces and door jambs from ugly gouges and scratches.

bElevators – Attached to elevator frames with the built-in suction cups, The Mat-A-Door® panels help avoid costly repairs to lobby-side elevator surfaces and adjacent walls.

Adjustable® straps wrap around entrance doors to securely hold The Mat-A-Door® in place.

Fits both glass doors or metal frames with glass inserts

Use The Mat-A-Door® during refurbishing projects to prevent damage to interior office doors.

Brett Koutnik, CPM, CCIM, RPA senior property manager of Colonial Properties Trust, attaches a set of Mat-A-Doors® to the front doors of Ravinia 3, the building he manages in Atlanta, GA.