Want more business? Offer your customers a little extra peace of mind. The Mat-A-Door® provides superior doorway protection, which also safeguards furniture passing through, too.

Look to Office Moving Systems, Inc. for innovative products for the moving industry. This one doubles as a marketing tool.

1. Show Them You Care. Homeowners love how The Mat-A-Door® protects both their front door and their furniture. Building mangers love how The Mat-A-Door® door pads and mats eliminates costly repairs to expensive glass entry doors and elevator door jambs and adjacent surfaces.


The Mat-A-Door® wraps securely around entrance doors with adjustable adjustable straps to shield out-facing door frame edges and glass or wooden panels. Fits single and double doors.

2. Differentiate Yourself In The Marketplace. Earn referrals from managers of office buildings, condos, and high-rise apartment buildings. The Mat-A-Door® protects damage-prone lobby-side door jambs and adjacent walls the way elevator pads shield inside walls. Light weight and compact to carry, and for all it’s big benefits, The Mat-A-Door® takes up surprisingly little room on the truck.


3. Earn bigger tips. Crews using The Mat-A-Door® swear by it for generating bigger tips from customers, who easily recognize that extra protection reduces the chance of damage.

The Mat-A-Door® comes with two protective panels and carrying strap, and unfolds quickly for set-up in seconds. Constructed of heavy-duty, high-density foam reinforced with a layer of shock-repelling plastic, and covered with water resistant, vinyl-laminated fiber, The Mat-A-Door® is designed to resist punctures and repel the toughest abrasions. Panels measure approximately 80 inches by 33 inches by 1.75 inches and weigh about15 pounds each.


Customize Your Mat-A-Door®

If you send us the artwork in a high resolution EPS or similar file, we can have your logo added to the Mat-A-Door® panels for an additional nominal charge.