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Graebel Van Lines was first to offer standard building protection nationwide. Click here for more about Graebel Commercial Workplace Services. “Asking movers on your bid list how they plan to protect floors, walls, doors, door jambs, and elevators will help differentiate potential service providers,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which has developed techniques to minimize the risk of damage to buildings and trains moving companies in these best practices. According to Katz, IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and IOMI® Certified Project Managers® learn techniques in extensive building protection, and suggests that companies planning a move pay particular attention to how potential movers plan to protect your building’s most vulnerable areas on move day. Ask about the route items in transit will travel. Material for floors should guard against stains and torn carpet caused by wheels on moving equipment. To prevent accidental gouges, main hallway walls need to be covered with [...]

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Mat-A-Doors® eliminate swing elevator repairs for Colonial Property Trust’s low-rise building

Have you noticed the quality of office moving services has gotten worse in the past year? You’ve probably experienced this firsthand when moves didn’t finish on-time and your office buildings  and elevators were damaged. Why are so many office relocations becoming a nightmare? The main culprit is the sub-prime mortgage crisis and its subsequent negative effect on home sales that’s forcing many movers to diversify into office moving so they can stay afloat and survive. Unfortunately, many of these neophytes have no formal training in a business that’s totally different from their residential moves. The estimating formula that works so well on their household moves fails when used on a commercial job. The result? Jobs take much longer than anticipated, workers become tired and thus more prone to accidents, which causes damage to furniture and real property. Door and elevator padding and mats can prevent damage during moves.  “To make matters worse, residential movers typically [...]

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Finance and Commerce.com Spotlights Suddath and IOMI®

What’s the best way to find a reliable office moving company? How do you know you’re hiring the best? Finance & Commerce.com posed those questions and more to Mike Nash, president and general manager of Suddath Relocation Systems of Eden Prairie, Minn., and to Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) in Mississippi. In a May 24, 2016, online article entitled “Handling office relocations with care,” Nash and Katz offered the following tips just to get started: If your company is buying new furniture and changing its office configuration, start planning 12-18 months in advance. Ask building managers at both ends of your move to recommend moving companies. Solicit bids from at least three companies. Instead of asking for references, request contact information for the last five office moves the company performed. See all their recommendations, including tips on estimates, pricing, equipment protection and movement, crew supervision and more. Mat-a-Doors offers great [...]

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