Training in Best Practices May Minimize Workers’ Compensation and Other Litigation Due to Injuries Sustained in Accidents While Moving Furniture and Heavy Items

In Burke v. J.F. Allen Company, the plaintiff who had been involved in a vehicle collision, brought suit against the motor carrier and the business that hired the motor carrier. Employees of the business overloaded the motor carrier’s truck in excess of the legal limit. As a result of the actions of its employees, the business paid $275,000 in settlement.[1] In Bressi v. Elenbaas Steel Supply Co, the plaintiff suffered physical injuries to both legs and feet, requiring the amputation of his left leg below the knee, as well as emotional distress. An employee of the defendant attempted to lift steel sheets with a forklift and the metal sheets fell off, severely injuring the plaintiff. The court found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded $3,046,619, which was later reduced to $2,073,803.[2] The cases above show a violation of best practices, lack of ongoing training, and failure to comply with statutory mandates in the moving [...]