Hold contractors accountable with deposit

Property managers are resorting to creative ways of protecting their buildings and their bank accounts from trash and damage left behind by contractors. At least one property management company has begun requiring a damage and clean-up deposit from contractors prior to the start of work. Tightening budgets have prompted what just might be a new trend, which is based on the theory that if it costs them money up front, movers and other outside contractors will be more inclined to leave buildings in a clean and damage-free condition. If your management company is interested in instituting such a policy, the following language will help you get started: A deposit in the amount of $250.00 must be delivered to our management office seven days prior to the day on which the contractor plans to begin work at (your property name). This amount may be in the form of a check issued to (your property name). Upon [...]

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Movers join building security team

Why hire an IOMI® Homeland Security-trained office mover? Chicago's Midwest Moving & Storage General Manager Tom Pera explains. Elevator panel protection during office moves Chicago's Midwest Moving & Storage trains employees to protect office buildings with Homeland Security for Office Moves, online training from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). Moving companies nationwide are partnering with building managers to minimize terrorist and criminal threats during office moves. Homeland Security for Office Moves is a new 23-minute video with a final exam designed to train moving company employees to help reduce office building vulnerabilities. “Office movers have a special responsibility to safeguard the buildings they work in and assist building security by knowing how to recognize when something isn’t right,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which developed the training. Movers and other contractors use trucks and so do terrorists and criminals, who are a more common threat to office [...]

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Have you ever taken pictures of your moves? What if you had pictures that could tell you in an instant why you were having damage claims? If you knew the cause of the claims, you’d have a good chance of preventing them. Back in our early days at Peachtree Movers, damage claims got so out of control that I once (jokingly) told a friend that our official slogan should be, “We’ll break your furniture for you very carefully.” But it was no joke; claim expenses were exceeding move revenues. At times I thought that we were in business solely to support the furniture repair companies in Atlanta. Even our limited liability of $.60 per pound per article didn’t prevent us from losing money. Something had to be done and preaching to our movers about being more careful accomplished nothing. The only feedback that I got from my supervisors was finger pointing such as, “You keep [...]

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