Picking Up The Pieces: Mining for New Business in Competitor’s Wake

While movers are always trying to find ways to cut costs, this might be a good time to hire a telemarketer to jump-start your office moving marketing strategy. Why hire a telemarketer? Instead of waiting for the economy or the market to turn around, redirect your resources toward growing office-moving services and mining for prospects. Jump-start your office moving marketing strategy by assuming that every large company in your market is always moving. When not growing and expanding, Fortune 500 companies shrink and consolidate and are, therefore, constantly in need of office moving services. Before laying off staff in all departments, remember you must find out who is moving before you can offer them your service. Next you will discover they already have a mover they frequently call on. Why would a company with an existing relationship with an office mover dump your competitor to hire you? Don’t believe the old cigarette commercial that boasted, [...]

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Helping managers protect their properties

Kansas City, MO/Feb 10, 2005 - Ed Katz, left, of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) brings out the big guns to help building managers protect their properties. Katz warned that trouble in the moving industry may result in building damage as movers scramble to make up revenue shortfalls in interstate household business by going after local office moves. According to Katz, building managers armed with the right ammunition can mount a proper defense against potential building damage. The founder and former owner of Peachtree Movers in Atlanta offered solutions such as hiring or recommending that their tenants hire a certified moving company specifically trained in extensive building protection to guard against potential repair hassles. Katz began advocating building protection after facing opposition from property managers while running his moving company. Katz addressed more than 100 members of the Kansas City chapter of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) at their monthly luncheon. As [...]

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